Octura propeller

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Octura Propeller 2.4 Beryllium Copper. $24.95. Free shipping . Octura 2.4/3 Beryllium Copper 3 Blade RC Boat Propeller . $19.99 + $2.89 shipping . Picture Information.
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A range of 3, 4 and 5 bladed plastic propellers available with either M2, M4 or M5 thread. Graupner Sport, Race & Hydro Props Marine Racing type propellers 2 & 3 blades from Graupner (Schulze)
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Octura metal propellers come in a matte finish and may require some balancing. Please specify material (aluminum, beryllium copper or plastic) The plastic and aluminumpropellers are intended for use on low power electric powered boats only, and are not suitable for nitro or gas powered boats.
I am moving on to larger models so no longer need all these old smaller propellers. They are mostly Octura with a few random ones. X457, X452, X441 are sizes can read.</p><br><p>Sold as seen.</p> Octura Prop Tail Nut Fits 10-32 thread on a 3/16" Shaft (5/16" OD) Can't find what you are looking for? Call Us 317-844-4695. Alternatively, email us at [email protected]
RE: octura x642 prop Well you see the part of the prop which is the tong is what we remove because it is of a lower pitch and causes drag. On many hydro's the boat runs on the very tip of the prop, so the tong is just excess weight and drag that is slowing the boat down.
3/16″ tube for Octura .098 Teflon tubing. 7/32″ tube for Octura .130 Teflon tubing. 1/4″ tube for Octura .150 Teflon tubing. 9/32 tube for Octura .187 Teflon tubing. 11/32 tube for Octura .250 Teflon tubing. Stuffing tube sizes when used with out Teflon tubing: 5/32″ tube for Octura .098 Flex Cable. 3/16″ tube for Octura .130 Flex Cable. Octura - Reducer Bushing Manufacturer : Octura Product Code : OC-10RB OC-10RB Reducer bushing - 11/32 (.343) to 5/16 (.312) If the Octura prop has no letter and something like a 14, 16, 19, etc. then it's a lifting prop used for surface drive and would be 1.4, 1.6 or 1.9 times the diameter again. ABC on the other hand have their numbers backwards as it shows it being their props.
Octura type 1/8 strut holder and ballbeared shaft. Includes fasteners Shaft takes flex cable. Product Code: OCTD38 class name sec mph date place hull engine prop fuel/cells radio hydro l chris harris 4.348 51.748 3/2/07 valdosta, ga hammer head orion octura ib4200wc jr n-1 chris harris 6.280 35.828 9/15/07 valdosta, ga hammer head trinity octura/harris intellect jr o-1 chris harris 5.321 42.285 9/9/05 valdosta, ga hammer head putnam octura gp 3300 hitec
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